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Las Iguanas - Assessment System

Restaurant chain Las Iguanas needed an assessment system which would promote compliancy, automatically assign tests, plug into their employee database and overcome a number of difficulties such as remembering the scores of staff that have left and rejoined the company (mainly students looking for summer work) and dealing with historical data.

We created Iguana Test with an easy to use dashboard tailored to the user, a fully branded interface, an extensive admin area where reports can be tailored and tests added, and visual prompts for compliancy. As the system is bespoke we were able to work with Las Iguanas to overcome their challenges and create a robust and well loved system. In order to promote some healthy competition we added an element of gamification and devised the Las Iguanas totem pole where area managers go head to head to reach the top, based on their areas compliancy.

The e-learning system has been a massive success. It’s refreshed the image of the training team and we’re being seen in a new, modern light. We’ve also had great feedback from users that the platform is incredibly easy to use. As a result the project was mentioned at the national annual conference as one of the biggest successes of the year.

Lucy Percy

Head of Training & Development at Las Iguanas