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Scimed Consulting - eLearning

A large pharmaceutical company needed an eLearning package to explain some complicated ideas to sales staff, engage their sales team and scientists equally, appeal to users across the globe, condense a huge amount of information and be compatible with IE8!

We developed a number of modules in a bespoke player (built in a HTML5/JS framework and compiled in Sass) which include an intelligent glossary, search functionality, 3D renders, video content, interactive illustrations and Javascript animations. To break down information and engage the audience users interact with the content to reveal more in depth text and can dive just below the surface or get deeply involved with our shallow/deep dive pop-ups. The eLearning was so successful it has now been translated into 8 different languages and another series of modules have been commissioned.

Since working with Olice, our turnover has at least doubled. This is largely due to the work that we’ve done with them and the input they’ve had into our business.

Philip Rooney

Director of Learning Development at SciMedConsulting Ltd.